Preparing Students to be FUTURE READY

Education must change if we are to prepare students to effectively live in a world of “massive change”.   At Master’s our mission is to prepare students to be FUTURE READY. We accomplish this with our seven Habits of the Master Learner and our four FUTURE READY capacities.  (for more information go to “Our Learning Model/Student’s Becoming” tab).

Factory Model

Traditional education as a system is a product of the industrial age; it is an assembly line.  Compliance, conformity and performing to standards are earmarks of this system.  Passing tests, giving teachers what they want, and convergent thinking are the typical behaviours exhibited by this industrial age system.  We are all products of this thinking, hence we have a difficult time envisioning anything different or better.   Our vision for Profound Learning is a 21st century learner-centric model elevating achievement for all students to heights not attainable in the traditional industrial age model.  Our signature is innovation and creativity. 

Master’s Track Record

Over the past decade Master’s has established itself as a leading academic institution as recognized by the Fraser Institute.

JW Wilson - Valedictorian from Master's Academy & College on Vimeo.

Many of the Profound Learning initiatives have resulted in professional practices and an overall  learning model that consistently has Master’s students achieving top scores on traditional measures such as Provincial Achievement Tests.

At Master’s, we recognize that good grades alone do not translate to success in life.  Studies, such as Karen Arnold's valedictorian study, show that academic success does not necessarily translate into success in life. Arnold's study shows that there is no appreciable difference 10 years after graduation between valedictorians and the average student. Doing well in a linguistic test-oriented academic environment does not necessarily prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Two Dimensions of Who I'm Becoming

At Master's, preparing students to be Future Ready involves the development of the whole person and not just a student's academic abilities.  Who a student is becoming has both an inner dimension as well as an outer dimension.

Inner Dimension

The inner dimension of a student's life is all about their IDENTITY, who a student is on the inside.  The deepest sense of a person's identity is all about their character, values, beliefs, principles, talents, gifts and personality.

At Master's we approach the development of identity from a Christian worldview, that we are spiritual beings created in the image of God to reflect His character and nature to the world.  At the core of  students becoming Master Learners is the Person of Character.

As students progress into the higher grades, they are introduced the the 5 Keys of Unlocking the Vision Led Life.  We begin to build the capacity of students to be visionary thereby becoming designers and creators of their own future.  Specialty programs such as Fusion in Jr High and idSchool in Sr High are intentionally integrating the 5 Keys into student learning experiences.

Outer Dimension

The outer dimension of Who a student is Becoming is all about what they are capable of doing through their Future Ready skills.  In our elementary school the focus is on developing the student as a Master Learner to become a principle-centred:

As students progress into the older grades they will more intentionally begin developing their four Future Ready Capacities, to inquire, improve, innovate and invent.

Master’s Profound Learning Research team is developing a groundbreaking system that makes explicit the development of the Future Ready Skills and Capacities. With this new system,  students, teachers and parents will be able to see the student growth in “Who I’m Becoming”. Master’s believes that to fully prepare students for the world of massive change it must be done through the intentional design of learning experiences that incorporate these essentials skills and competencies.  Once this system is in place, Profound Learning will truly live up to its name of being truly PROFOUND!