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Admissions Policy


At Master's Academy and College, students are exposed to value based education that has its roots in the Christian faith.  "Love God and love your neighbour" are the two foundational challenges given us by Christ and adopted into the Golden Rule for a life lived well. These Christian values and principles form part of our vision to build a model of education that is missional – it can be shared with others. There are no isolated classes of religious instruction, but learning about God and His principles for life is integrated into the daily learning experience. From time to time, guests are invited to inspire and challenge our students in their faith journey and students daily receive guidance in developing their character through the Seven Habits of the Master Learner and the Five Keys of becoming Imaginal. Choosing Master's means accepting that the Christian world-view is part of the experience. Parents and students are asked to support this integration of a Christian world-view as each one discovers their own journey of faith. The school has an open admission policy, accepting students with a variety of faith backgrounds. Master's has chosen not to select students through an academic screening examination, but reserves the right to accept students that fit the learning model, philosophy of Christian Education and programming requirements.

Society Profound Learning Fee


Master's Academy and College has been accepted as alternative program within the Palliser Regional School District based on its unique learning model called Profound Learning. Master's Academy Educational Society charges a Society Profound Learning fee to help fund the ongoing research, development and delivery of its Profound Learning education model within the context of its Christian worldview. The role of Master's Society is to provide a 21st century technology rich learning environment as well equip its teachers with Profound Learning practices, tools and resources.

Membership Fee


All new families to Master's are required to pay upon acceptance a one-time fee of $1500.

Family Bond Program


The Family Bond is effectively an interest-free loan to the school. The principal is redeemable upon departure from the school, net of any monies owed the school.


Participation in this program is mandatory for all families at Master's Academy & College.


The number of children attending the school determines a family's required level of participation. Bond participation can take 2 forms, Bond Purchase or Donation. Parents may select either option or combination to hold their bond obligation.

Bond Purchase Option


Purchase a school bond. Individuals, companies or relatives may hold bonds. Master's retains these funds for the duration of the students' enrollment at the school. The bond, less any amount owed to Master's, is returned when the child leaves the school. The school pays no interest on these bonds.


Bond Donation Option


Funds donated to the bond program count towards a family's bond obligation for the duration of the student's enrollment at the school. Upon departure from the school no funds are refunded.


For further explanation or information, please contact the school finance department:

242-7034, extension 2360.

2021-2022 Society Profound Learning (PL) Fee(s)

Family Discount


A discount of 50% of the society fee is offered to 3rd and subsequent children from the same family.

Withdrawal Deadline


Re-registration of existing families takes place automatically for the upcoming school year. Because Master's has a waitlist of new families wishing to enroll at the school, those students not returning to Master's for the upcoming school year must provide the registrar with written notice of withdrawal before January 15th of the current school year, to avoid being charged the 25% non-refundable portion of the Annual Fee.

Payment Policy


Annual, semester and monthly payment plans are offered for Annual fees. Monthly Payments will be made in equal amounts over 12 months commencing June 1, in the form of "Pre-Authorized Payments" (PAP) on the first business day of each month. Semester payments are made with post dated cheques.

Annual Fund


Master’s encourages a culture of giving. Master’s families are invited to donate annually in keeping with their financial ability. Giving to the Annual Fund is voluntary. For more information, please visit our Giving page.