How to safely navigate our parking lot.

At Master’s Academy & College, the roads surrounding our school and our parking lot can be very busy. Most of our students are driven to and from school each day, resulting in significant congestion in both our parking lot and in the surrounding community. Regardless, our number one priority is to keep your children safe.

We have put together a short video to help maximize safety for all by informing drivers on how to properly use the parking lot and traffic circle, when dropping off and picking up your children.

Watch the video

A visual guide of our parking lot.

Only those in Grades 5 and 6 may use both drop off routes.

Traffic Safety Standards

Here are some traffic safety standards we are asking you to adhere to when navigating your way through our parking lot and roadways in the surrounding area.

Please back into parking stalls. Why? This allows for maximized safety when leaving the parking lot, and minimizes the risk when backing out into parking lot traffic.

Drivers must give right of way to pedestrians. When walking to and from the school, please use the sidewalks or marked areas at all times.

When exiting the roundabout or drop off zone, ensure that you use your signal lights and don’t forget to shoulder check. We know every one has somewhere to be, but we want you to get there safely.

Be respectful and courteous of other drivers.

Note that there is a 30km/h playground zone, and a 10km/h speed limit in our parking lot and traffic circle area.

Stay off your phone while driving. This is self-explanatory, but keeping your children safe on their way to school or on their way home requires your full attention.

Thank you for taking time to review this information. We all play a part in ensuring that our families and students stay safe when navigating our parking lot and the roads surrounding our school.