...student ownership, mastery and vision driving learning

...students becoming FUTURE READY

...students being equipped to think, innovate and create

...students making a difference

...students activating their imagination to see possibilities

...students being prepared for the

Master's Vision in Action
Master's 2014 Journey: Why Innovate?
by Tom Rudmik

Organizations, like people, go through various stages of development. The early years of many organizations, that strive to make a difference, are earmarked by innovation which was also the case with us at Master's. But eventually an organization achieves a degree of success and begins to mature and eventually dies. More...

Parent Corner

Master's Academy and College are Alternative Schools within

Going Beyond Academic Excellence
by Tom Rudmik

Education must change if we are to prepare students to effectively live in a world of "massive change". At Master's our mission is to prepare students to be FUTURE READY. We accomplish this with our seven Habits of the Master Learner and our four FUTURE READY capacities. More...