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Master’s College

Imaginal Leaders.
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Grades 7-12

Focus on post-secondary preparation and the development of students as Imaginal Leaders.

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Master’s College

Grades 7-12

Jr. High

Grades 7-9

Academic excellence for the vast majority.

Sr. High

Grades 10-12

Focus on post-secondary preparation and the development of students as Imaginal Leaders.

High School Students Using Vr Headset In Class

Preparing students for the future. Not just a test.


Profound Learning

Profound Learning is a methodology by which teaching and learning are achieved at Master’s Academy & College. It is a non traditional approach to teaching and learning in order to ensure success and joy for all parties involved. Profound Learning is an emergent system property of intentional beliefs, structures, practices and tools working together to produce a profound result.


Future Ready

Master’s College, Junior and Senior High provide high academic programming with the focus of preparing students for University and beyond. Teaching methods engage students in learning to reason, write, and use information in complex ways as well as to provide opportunities for personalizing their pathway through school, depending on individual talents, interests, and goals. At Master’s College, every student is known, appreciated, and launched into a diverse, collaborative community. 

To better prepare students for 21st century education, Master’s is intentional in creating the conditions for Future Ready skills, which include innovation and creativity. As students transition into Junior High school, they continue to exhibit the 7 Habits of the Master Learner and are introduced to the 4 Imaginal Capacities, with the goal of mastering these capacities by the end of Grade 9. Upon entering Senior High school, students are now intentionally working towards achieving the Graduate Profile, with the goal of becoming an Imaginal Leader.

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Master's College has a vibrant athletics program. We offer both developmental (Jr. High) and competitive (Sr. High) programs. For more information, email our Athletic Director, Rebecca Jacobsen