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A New Frontier in Learning

Introducing Imaginal+, Master’s new hybrid online and site-based program, tailored for Junior and Senior High School students.

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Master’s Academy & College

Our innovative K-12 site-based school.



Master’s new hybrid online and site-based program, tailored for Junior and Senior High School students.

Master's Academy & College

Preparing students to be future ready. 

Imaginal+ New Parent
Information Nights

We invite you to join us for our Prospective Parent Information Night for students in grades 8-10 interested in our new hybrid school.

Upcoming Imaginal+ Information Nights

Wednesday, Feb 28 2024
  7:00 PM 

Grades 8-10

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Applications are now open for the 2024-25 school year.

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Mission & Vision

Transforming education.
Locally and globally.

The mission of Master’s is to prepare students to be Future Ready. Our vision is to transform education locally and globally with Profound Learning. At the “heart” of our mission and vision statements is academic excellence through Profound Learning, and developing students to become Master Learners and Imaginal Leaders. Profound Learning unleashes academic excellence in the many, not the few. Students are more motivated to learn, and learn better, when empowered to take ownership of their learning. 

Along with high academic excellence, the Profound Learning model prepares students for the future with a focus on innovation and creativity. For us, who the student is becoming is as important as what he or she has academically achieved. Indeed, the two go hand-in- hand. In our Academy, our students are becoming Master Learners, and our graduates have become Imaginal Leaders.


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Calendars & Events

Academy and College calendars, upcoming events, exam schedules. You want it, we’ve got it.

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A note about parking safety

We have a very busy parking lot! The safety of your students, guests, and staff is our number one concern. We appreciate your support and cooperation as we continue to create a safe and caring environment.

Congratulations graduating class of 2023!

Imaginal Leaders who pursue their personal vision without limitation.

Interested in our new Grade 8-10 hybrid school?

Imaginal+ Prospective Parent Information Night - Feb 28, 2024