Imaginal Leaders

At Master’s, cultivating our students to be Imaginal Leaders, those who can see and create the future, is as important as preparing them for post-secondary education. For in a world of massive change and complexity, it is those with the Imaginal abilities of seeing and creating who will be truly Future Ready.

Imaginal Leaders

Imaginal cells within the caterpillar

See and create

The future butterfly

The miracle of metamorphosis; where a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly; is found within special imaginal cells. Imaginal cells have both the vision of becoming a butterfly as well as the ability to execute this amazing transformation. 

Imaginal leaders have the ability to see beyond what most think is possible and are able to do the seemingly impossible.

5 Keys of Becoming an Imaginal Leader

The Five Keys of Becoming an Imaginal Leader enable students to pursue their personal vision without limitation. This is foundational for preparing students to be Future Ready.

Finding your big why

Activating personal drive

Seeing the invisible

Making visible the invisible

Doing the impossible

Imaginal Design Program

The You Prep (Imaginal Design) Program in our Senior High has been designed to engage students in authentic design-based projects where they become designers and creators of the future.

In I.D. students
will explore

Their own personal purpose and vision for life

Where vision comes from

What defines the Big Why of their lives

What drives history makers

What their personal drivers may be

What role spirituality plays as a designer

Seeing the invisible and doing the impossible

How to see the future and learn from it

Imaginal thinking

How to see the future and learn from it

Design thinking

Sr. High

Be bold and make a difference.

Imaginal Design Challenge

The Imaginal Challenge is an authentic design experience that prepares students to be Future Ready. Students are given a challenge to become bold and to make a difference. In the words of Steve Jobs, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Watch Film

The Imaginal
Creation Process


Vision of the future, the there and why it needs to be created is what drives the creation process.


Your drive is fuelled by the love you have for your creation.


Design is making visible what you envision through building models and rapid prototyping.


It is when the creation is put into use that you can truly evaluate the success of what you created.

Current Reality

Your honest assessment of your current reality creates the gap between your here and there.


Deep insight begins to emerge as you test your models of what you are hoping to create.


This is when your vision is actualized.