Jr. High

Grades 7-9

Master’s Junior High continues to build on Master’s Academy’s strong literacy and numeracy focus using Profound Learning tools, strategies and practices resulting in academic excellence for the vast majority.


Prepared for the world of tomorrow, today.

The world is changing rapidly and with more complexity than ever before. Adolescents today are bombarded daily with new information, ideals and values through technology, social media, global issues, and peer influences. Today’s youth are faced with uncertainty in their future.

Understanding this challenge is paramount in helping to shape the learning landscape necessary for 21st century skills and personal growth.

Discovering Possibilities

We believe adolescents can ascend to a new level of thinking and learning through a school experience that contains rigour, relevance, and relationship. Rigourous standards ensure high quality skill development and knowledge acquisition. Relevant learning experiences connect students to a growing body of knowledge and perspectives in the world and helps them to understand how their curriculum connects to the real world. Relationships that are meaningful, positive and professional allow for successful collaboration, networking, and personal growth experiences.


Shaping Identity

We believe adolescents can ascend to a new level of personal growth and awareness through discovering their own sense of purpose and voice. Purpose is realized and shaped in a variety of settings including the classroom, our Imaginal programs, chapels and special assemblies, self and peer assessments, personal tracking, and reflective activities. Giving students a voice enables them to articulate and to fine-tune their perspectives about themselves, others, and the world. Spiritual Life Week, You Prep and Design classes, Student Council initiatives, online discussions, presentations, performances, clubs, teams, and other classroom forums help students to express and shape their unique voice.

Empowering Dreams

We believe adolescents can ascend to a new level of insight for their future through exploring the meaning of personal vision, mission, and passion. Vision relates to seeing the purpose for their lives, believing in the impossible and finding a cause to pursue. Mission builds a focused plan of action that will support and release their vision into the world. Integrating classroom learning, extra-curricular experiences, volunteer and community internship opportunities, and professional activities allow students to develop a passion to bring their dreams fully alive.


The Greatest Thrill

Grade 8 students engaging in a Learning Adventure where they are designing roller coasters for the Calgary Stampede. This video is narrated by JW Wilson, a neuroscience researcher, who highlights the importance of brain-compatible learning.

Imaginal Capacities in Jr. High

Students are introduced to the four Imaginal Capacities starting with Improvement. Students learn basic system theory, cause and effect relationships, and how to make data informed decisions as they engage with improvement projects. The Imaginal Design Program takes students beyond Improvement to Innovation and Invention.


4 Imaginal Capacities


The integration capacity draws upon the manager mindset that seeks to manage and control the processes to produce predictable outcomes and reach the desired goals. All of the management systems work together to maintain the health and balance of the system.


The improvement capacity draws upon the engineering mindset to troubleshoot and solve the problem. The focus in on incrementally improving existing system processes resulting in greater efficiency and quality.


The innovation capacity draws upon the Imaginal abilities of seeing, designing, and creating the future. Innovation pushes the boundary of the existing system or business model, processes, products, and services. Innovation is often created by integrating new technological advancements.


The Invention capacity also draws upon the Imaginal abilities of seeing, designing, and creating the future, with a focus on creating new ventures, systems, business models, products, and services.

Imaginal Design


Creators of the future

Built into the Jr high schedule is the Imaginal Design Program that is mandatory for every student. students are given Imaginal Design challenges which introduce them to the world of design with the intent of developing 4 Imaginal Capacities through authentic design projects. Students truly are given the opportunity to become seers, designers, and creators of the future

Jr. High Programming

In addition to offering a strong academic program, Master’s Jr. High Programming places a focus on students developing Future Ready skills to become Imaginal Leaders.